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Our story

Eustaff was founded in 2018, since then we have expanded quite a bit. From a person with big dreams who worked from home in a small apartment of 50 square meters to today having a fantastic team spread out in our recruitment offices around the world. From starting the company in Bulgaria, you will now find us in Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Poland and Sweden.

We are a company that places importance on the personal contact between us, our customers and our employees. We do not want to be labeled as an ordinary staffing company, but we want to be seen as a serious team, who work hard, are meticulous, flexible and reliable but at the same time have their hearts in the right place.

We want to be an alternative to traditional staffing. Therefore, we have chosen a more personal and individualized approach. When you choose to contact us, you therefore get a partner who really wants the best for you.

We are a recruitment agency that in many ways specializes in finding the best talent based on your specific needs and wishes. Our team works based on combined manual and automated matching to provide you with a selection of people whose areas of competence correspond to what you need.

By working together with you to find the perfect candidate for your company, we ensure that the result is as good as possible.

Flexible and secure staffing

We work daily to ensure that it is easier for our customers in all possible ways. With us, you as a company do not have to spend time on everything that is added when hiring new staff. We take care of everything for you!

Quality in every recruitment process

As a staffing company, Eustaff strives to match the right person to the right job. We go through your needs with our project managers and recruitment experts to find staff with the right skills that fit into your particular business.

Effective Staffing

We organize transport and accommodation for the staff, all so that you do not have to think about the problems around. You can use the time you save by staffing through us to develop your own business.


Why are we a different staffing company?

Anyone can say they are the best at staffing, but we can say it with confidence and actually mean it.

We care about our customers and take service seriously, which is why we place great emphasis on personal contact when you choose to staff through us. With us, you always have one and the same supervisor so that you as a customer can feel safe.

Eustaff is also a member of the Almega competence companies, which includes all 14 LO unions.

By hiring us, you therefore get access to many of the qualities that are otherwise often overlooked. We always strive to ensure that every single collaboration leads to long-term benefits for all involved.


Employees provided


Happy clients


Different counteries


Our staff can make the staffing process much faster and easier. Contact us and we'll help you get it right from the start. Easier than trying to do it yourself.

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This makes recruitment easier with Eustaff

Choosing a staffing company is a great way to find the right talent for your business. As a pillars throughout the process, you get with staffing companies support from the idea of need to hire a person.

But what exactly are the benefits?

  • With a staffing company, it becomes easy to find a perfect candidate to cover a short- or long-term need. Thanks to an extensive staff database can Eustaff give you a large and varied selection.
  • You get the opportunity to ensure flexible employment of people at the same time matches your company's internal culture and goals.
  • With a staffing company, you achieve high flexibility thanks to both flexibility pricing as individualized employment conditions. In many cases it becomes the result is considerably much more affordable compared to full-time employment.
  • At Eustaff, we have extensive experience of making it easier for our customers by matching competence with their needs.

Our team

As a recruitment agency with roots in the labor market and its real needs so we value making sure that all our customers get in touch with the right people. With flexible working method, we can work both independently and in close connection with your existing ones administrative staff.

With us, you get in touch with a responsive staffing company that really values your needs and interests


Alexander Sanatgari


[email protected]

+46 73 535 05 01

+46 70 930 80 48


Elias Martin

Coordination Manager

[email protected]

+46 73 424 33 22


Katharina Slosar

Project Manager

[email protected]

+46 76 324 61 25


Manol Mazenv

Recruitment Manager Bulgaria

[email protected]

+359 88 824 8188

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